Novum Design Award》橙田建築室研所榮獲42銀佳績!

NOVUM DESIGN AWARD近日宣布獲獎者名單,本事務所作品獲得4項金獎2項銀獎,同時獲頒DESIGNER OF THE YEAR in Architectural Design Category in 2019,以《碳佐麻里時代園區》(The Green Isle) 等作品,其中涵蓋建築類別5件及室內設計類1件作品等。


Architectural Design - GOLDEN -The Green Isle
Architectural Design- GOLDEN -Greenlight Manor
Architectural Design- GOLDEN -Green Places Community Clubhouse
Architectural Design- GOLDEN -KCI. Group Headquarters Offices
Architectural Design- SILVER -GASEA-The Cliff House
Interior Design- SILVER - TOPOSITION Construction Office