Delicate Greenery》榮登室內Interior雜誌No.321報導

本事務所去年完成的住宅作品《Delicate Greenery》刊登在室內Interior雜誌 #321_20206月號,在作品中我們將戶外的綠環境以建築虛體空間的延伸做為讓生活在居室空間與外環境互相契合,傾向尋求一種簡化作為基本表達內心響往與自然環境結合的建築。在此分享。

The residential project "Delicate Greenery" which was completed by the firm last year, was published in the Interior Magazine 321 for June 2020. In this project, we extended the outdoor green environment to the virtual space of the building. As the life in the living room and the external environment fit together, we tend to search for a simplification of the lifestyle we have to bring us closer to those precious moments of peace.