2020 The Plan Awards 雙料獲獎!

2020The Plan Awards公佈了獲獎名單,我的兩個作品“The Green Isle”作品在hospitality類別中及“Comfort in Context” 作品在house類別中雙雙入圍決選。 《The Plan》雜誌在我們行業中被較多專業人士所認同,雜誌內容不僅包含建築及室內設計,是我最喜歡閱讀的雜誌之一。

The 2020 Plan Award announced the winners. My two completed projects: “The Green Isle” which was a finalist in the hospitality category and “Comfort in Context” was also a finalist in the housing category. The Plan magazine is always professional in our industry. It not only includes architecture but also interior design. It’s one of my favorite magazines to read.