The Chicago Athenaeum Museum-the 2021 GOOD DESIGN® Awards 獲獎

Sustainable architecture is a goal that architects must pursue in the future, protecting the earth and for our next generation! The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies and The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design announce the winning list of the 2021 Green GOOD DESIGN® Award. My projects "The Green Isle" and "Comfort in Context" are both on the list of winners. I am thrilled to share this with all my friends.

永續性建築是作為建築師未來必須追求的目標,守護地球更為了我們的下一代! 雅典娜博物館所主辦的2021 The Green Good Design Awards日前發布Winner名單,我的作品”The Green Isle” ” Comfort in Context” 都在得獎名單內,在此分享


The European Centre | The Green Isle
The European Centre | Comfort in Context